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Karuna is the sanskrit word for compassion; the ancient and universal principle that we should treat others the way that we would like to be treated. Karuna Yoga is rooted in the belief that this is the highest calling of all  yogis and that people should be our first and highest priority. 


Ellie Clarke (E-RYT 500) has been teaching yoga in Washington DC since 2011. She completed a 200 hour Hatha Yoga Training in 2011, Peak Pilates Mat Training in 2012, Peg Mulqueen and David Kyle's 200 hour Progressive Ashtanga immersion in 2013, and Ariele Folster's Yoga Anatomy Academy in 2016. Most recently, she completed Mark Stephens 300 Hour+  Advanced Teacher Training in Santa Cruz, CA in 2017. She offers challenging, but compassionate studio classes in addition to private and corporate sessions.

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Every Tuesday

7:30 - 8:45 pm | Advanced Flow

Past Tense Studio

Every Friday

12:00 - 1:00 pm | Power Flow

Yoga Heights Georgia Ave.


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Class Schedule

Alignment Check-Up

Have you ever wondered if your alignment in the poses you practice most frequently is safe? Have you wanted to ask if your chatturunga is aligned or how the transitions in a vinyasa should work, but don't have time in a led class? Sign up for a 45 minute alignment check-up where you will go through the foundational poses present in almost every yoga class (chatturanga, up dog, down dog, and sun salutations) with a highly trained and experienced instructor. Ellie will review your alignment and how to keep it safe as well as modifications that can be used to avoid injury in a completely private setting. You will also have the opportunity to ask about any pose that  feels uncomfortable or you have unanswered questions about. Sign up for your alignment check-up today!  

Cost: $70 - Take advantage of this great deal for a private session!

Home Practice Jump Start

Bring that wonderful feeling of a yoga practice that felt just right for you in that moment home with you!  Work one on one with Ellie to build a sequence that meets your particular needs that can serve as the foundation for the practice you do at home. The session will begin by discussing parts of the body that you want to focus on and the poses that you really love. You'll move through the postures and learn how to maximize the desired sensation and options to modify in order to meet your body where it is each time you unroll your mat. This 90 minute session will leave you empowered to practice yoga wherever and whenever you can fit it into your life. This is a great option for the busy yogi or athletes looking to use yoga to balance their other endeavors. Includes a digital copy of the sequence you develop together. Makes a great gift!

Cost: $125 - One time investment for a practice you can keep forever

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Alignment Check-Up
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