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Avocado Toast with Radish 2 ways

Daikon radishes two weeks in a row is not something I'm every going to be fully prepared for, but I did find a few creative ways to use them that I didn't know last year. I threw them in this radishes two ways avocado toast I came up with and I've eaten it more times than I can count this month. When the first bunch arrived, I went with a variation on this pickling recipe from the NYTimes in which I used pretty purple carrots that came in the same week's CSA to get the beautiful dark rich color you see in the mixture on the top of the avocado toast above. They are a great addition to any Asian style rice bowl that I like to bring for lunch or a little snack all by themselves. Avocado Toast with Radishes Two Ways serves 1 1 slice of good quality bread (I used homemade wild culture sourdough) 1/4 of an avocado 8-10 mandolin thin slices of daikon radish Juice of half a lemon Sprinkle of fleur de sal to taste Sprinkle of table salt 8-10 Daikon and carrot pickles Place slice of bread in the toaster. Thinly slice daikon radish with mandolin or knife and mix with juice of half a lemon. Add a sprinkle of table salt and let sit while preparing the rest of your dish. When the toast is done slice the avocado in half and use a butter or other dull knife to slice the thinnest wedges you can imagine and spread one at a time onto the bread into a even layer. Sprinkle the avocado with fleur de sal. Add the lemon daikon radishes and then the pickled carrots and radishes to the top. Enjoy!

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